Heat Transfer

There are various types of heat transfers that can be used depending on the graphics, item receiving the transfer, turn around time, and usefulness .  The most commonly used transfers are: 1 Color Vinyl Material — Mostly CAD cut material generally used for athletic wear individual names or numbers. Full Color Digital Vinyl Material — Digitally Printed vinyl material that work the best for full color logos that have good opacity and are typically used for small quantities.  Good to use with designs that are solid and do not have any negative space. Reflective 3M Transfers — 3M Scotchlite material reflects light making the image highly-visible at night time.  Mostly used in the emergency services and construction industry. Full Color Sublimation — This type of transfer can only be used on polyester fabrics or hard surface goods that have a special coating that will allow the ink to transfer during the heating process.  These inks are very transparent and look best on white substrates 1 Color Screen Printed Transfers — This is a process of screen printing the design in reverse onto specially formulated paper that can then be heat pressed on to garments.  These are great for onsite events as they are fairly cheap and no loss of pre-printed apparel. Full Color UltraInk Transfers — These transfers are screened printed with unlimited colors, textures and gradients.  They have a soft hand feel, will stretch with the garment and work well with any design that has fine details or negative space.  A CMYK printing process is used which gives you a high resolution look. There are also a multitude of other transfer process for glitter, rhinestone, twill and felt that are used that give you the same look and feel as sewn on applique.

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