Creating a perfect plan – are you kidding me?

Creating a perfect plan – are you kidding me?

Every plan seems like the perfect plan at the time when you are trying to create a building, plant the perfect lawn, excavate a driveway, or add a bathroom to a home. Do not agonize over your supply of safety vests, high visibility apparel, cold weather jackets, or warm weather t-shirts.  Route 75 Imprints will do all that planning for you.   We can help you keep your professional appearance by imprinting custom workwear.  Your hats, jackets, vests, sweatshirts, button down shirts, polo shirts, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, high visibility safety shirts and safety vests can be embroidered, or screen printed with your logo.  Where can you get better advertising than wearing it on your apparel?







Supplying work apparel?  May as well brand it.

Have you ever watched the news and noticed work crews in the background while the reporter is talking?  Are you paying attention to the news or reading the apparel the workers are wearing?  I know I am looking at the gear of the hard-working men and women.  You want your company to become a household name?  Then advertise on your apparel.  Feel the pride of people identifying your logo.  Become the business that people rely on.  Let everyone know who you are – WEAR YOUR PRIDE ON YOUR APPAREL!


Check out popular items in your industry……..

Durable Button down uniforms and work shirts      Workwear Jackets for the trades and construction field      Heavy weight sweatshirts and hoodies for the working person.      Hi-Vis t-shirts, dri-fit workwear, affordable options


Look through our top supplier for Vests, Eye Protection, Flame-Resistant (FR) Workwear, Hand Protection, Hi-Vis Apparel. Rainwear, Hearing Protection and More –>Work Safety Gear



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