Placing an order


Here is some information we suggest you think about in order for us to understand what it is you are looking for.

    • Item/Items
    • Sizes
    • Quantities
    • What type of decoration you would like…screen, embroidery, etc
    • Where you would like the decoration…left chest, full front, back, etc…
    • Artwork…do you have artwork or do you need us to create it
    • Colors in artwork…how would you like the design to look
    • Are these for personal or business use….
    • What are you using these items for…selling retail, giveaway, etc..
    • Due Date…is there an in hands date you need these



Please go to our Contact Us page, enter your details and hit submit.  We are ready to promptly respond during regular business hours Mon-Fri 8:30-4:00.  If you have submitted the form after hours, we will respond first thing the following morning.


I Have Received A Quote ~ Have All My Information Ready

Please email us with your final information…..artwork, items you will need, style, colors and sizing breakdown.  Your order will be written up and a final order proof approval will be emailed in 1-2 business days.


I Have Received A Quote ~ Still Waiting On My Final Sizes & Quantities

Please email us with your artwork, items you will need, style & colors.  Your order will be written up and a mockup proof will be emailed to keep your order moving.  Once your final sizes and quantities are received, a final order proof approval will be emailed.



Need to reorder some more of your awesome swag?  Easy Peasy…Just shoot us a quick email with the past invoice number, sizes and quantities.  We will then shoot over a final order proof approval within 1-2 hours.


Mockup Proofs

You are still waiting on final sizes and quantities, but we can still get the artwork ready.  Our Art Department will mockup all the items in your order and send you an email to confirm the details.  Artwork is one of the biggest bottlenecks in the production process.  Sending these files prior to having the final size and quantity details helps keep the order on schedule for a faster delivery.


Final Order Approval

We have all the final details for your order.  Our Art Department will mockup all the items in your order and send you an email requesting Final Order Proof Approval.  Orders will NOT be placed into production and blank items will not be ordered without FINAL ORDER PROOF APPROVAL, no exceptions.  Production times begin AFTER PROOF APPROVAL is received.





Email is sent with Payment Request link

  • Payments can be made through the link online via Credit Card or ACH.
  • You may also pay via Venmo through the link at the bottom of your invoice.

Once Payment is Received

  • Blank products will be ordered
  • Order is entered into production

Estimated Production Time is 10 business days,

  • unless otherwise specified.

Blanks received

  • Blanks Checked in & Counted

Order Sent to Press

  • Blanks Counted
  • Order is Produced

Order is sent to Quality Control

  • Order Checked for Imprint Accuracy & Quality
  • Items Counted & Checked Out

Product Ready for pick up or shipping

  • Customer is Notified

Please note that production time may be delayed due to item back orders or stock issues.

  • If such issues occur, you will be notified immediately