Custom Made For Your Group

Route 75 Imprints offers an Online Web Store Campaign Program. It is our solution to replace old school paper-based order forms.

Our Apparel Web Stores & Fundraising Campaigns are ideal for individuals, benefits, families, PTA’s, small groups, clubs, senior classes and teams – or any organization that doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of paperwork, cash, checks and order slips! We do all the collection, pull the numbers, print your items, and cut you a check for your portion of the sales! It is super easy! Your only task is to promote the website or campaign.

See Full Steps & Details

1 – Pick items you would like to sell on store front

  • Keep in mind that the products sold depend on the fulfillment option you choose. 
  • Print on demand orders require items that can be printed one a time.  Promotional products are not a good fit for this.
  • A color will have to be chosen for the items that have multiple colors available.

2 – Send us your vector art file or work with our design department to create a design

  • Preferred art files – eps, ai, svg or pdf
  • Embellishment is recommend to customer depending on the products chosen.
  • Items chosen for the site will be mockup and emailed.

3 – Send us your contact information for the site

  • Contact Person Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Organization address

4 – Decide which option you would like for the amount of time the store will be open

  • Campaign – this is a set period of time the store will be open…EX: 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month.
  • On Demand – store is open until the customer decides to close it.  Products are produced on a weekly basis.
  • Per piece pricing is usually lower with a campaign style store as all items are produced in bulk.
  • On Demand pricing is higher due to the fact that the items will be produced one at a time in which labor costs are higher.
  • Campaign options have minimum quantity requirements.  1 color imprint – 12 pcs, 2 color imprint – 24 pcs, etc

5 – Decide shipping or pickup options

  • Pickup from a location of your choice in which people can receive their order from you.  Mostly used for campaigns.
  • Drop ship to customer/end user.  We use USPS, USPS Priority and USP.
  • If drop ship is chosen, the customers will be charge shipping in the cart at check out.

6 – Individual product pricing

  • You will be given set product pricing based on the following:
    1. Item Chosen
    2. Embellishment type…….Screen Print, Embroidery, Heat Transfer, etc
    3. Number of colors screen printed
    4. Number of stitches in the embroidered design
    5. Number of embellishment locations
    6. Setup charges apply depending on embellishment type
    7. Setup charges can be paid up front or amortized into your product cost

7 – Custom Domain is created

  • Strictly T’s Inc / Route 75 Imprints owns the domain.

8 – All items, pricing, contact info and production information is uploaded to site

  • Web address is emailed to customer.
  • Customer reviews site and notifies us of any changes that need to be made.
  • We make changes requested.
  • Customer reviews site for final time before the site is live.
  • Site domain is ready to share.

9 – Site is live and end users can order products

  • Customer has the option of instant or daily summary order notification.
  • All money transactions are done through our payment processor.
  • Funds from the store sales are deposited into our company account.
  • Any applicable taxes are collected at checkout.   Non-profits/Tax Exempt organizations have to supply proper certificates for us to keep on file.

10 – Orders are received and items are produce

  • Blank products are order from our suppliers.
  • Screen are made, digitizing it done for embroidery and or heat transfers are made.
  • Campaign items will be bulk packed by the item and size for pickup at our location.
  • On Demand items will we individually packaged and drop shipped from our location.
  • Campaign stores close to public.

11 – Reports are created

  • Sales Report – Shows the order #, date and total sale.
  • Product Report – Packing slip of all products sold at the time the order was produced.
  • Order Report – Shows all order information – Order #, End user name, email, address, phone number, order total, products ordered, etc

12 – Invoicing and Funds raised

  • An invoice is created based on the product report and individual item cost previously sent to customer.
  • Invoice is sent to the customer to show their total product costs.
  • Payouts periods may vary depending on the agreed time frame between Strictly T’s Inc and the customer.
  • A check is emailed to the customer for the balance/funds raised after invoice.

13 – On Demand or Campaign Store Fronts

  • On Demand  – Repeat steps 9-12 until customer closes store.
  • Campaigns – Closed and possibly reopened at a later date.