This Weeks Special now thru Sunday 7/30/17


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How a simple white T-shirt can change everything


One of the smartest, affordable, and most effective method of marketing any business is using the t-shirt. Rather it be used as a giveaway or as a uniform worn by employees, it will give your business exposer. You want to get your name out there? A simple T-shirt can do the trick.

A great way to get your name out there is by sponsoring an event! Local sports teams and fundraisers are always looking for sponsors, so why not you? Design t-shirts with your company name and logo for participants to wear for the event. The best part is you will get even more promotional power every time these people wear the shirt in public. Let’s face it, everyone LOVES t-shirts, people wear them over and over again. So why not have your company name and logo exposed through peoples everyday wardrobe?!

T-shirts are also great conversation starters. How many times has someone made a comment or asked a question about the t-shirt you’re wearing? I know it happens to me all the time. This then leads to YOUR company name being brought up in conversation, which means your brand is now being promoted using word of mouth.

The t-shirt- it’s easy to use as a promotional tool, and cost effective. So why not get your custom t-shirt printed today! Strictly T’s special is going on all week till Sunday 7/30/17! Order today and save!!

Strictly T’s Special

Starting now- Sunday 7/30/17

100 White Custom Printed T-shirts 4.95 each sm-xl (2xl up +$2)


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