Guide to Corporate Gift Giving and Tips

If you’re really ahead of the game, you’ve already placed your holiday orders with us, BUT if you’ve been busy (and we’ve all been there), make sure to get your order in to us before December 2! The holiday season is here and we’re ready to be thankful, hit the ski slopes, put up the Christmas decorations, and gift of giving. When it comes to gifting, it’s not just about your friends and family, but your customers and employees. According to Knack, corporate gifting is valued at a staggering $125 billion. As a market that Route 75 Imprints is proud to be a part of, we also understand that you’re looking for quality items when you tap into your inner-Santa and order spectacular gifts for your clients.

First of all, there are gift-giving guidelines, so we’ll name a few if you don’t know them already:

  1. Relationship – think about your relationship with your recipient; employee, customer, referral source, etc.
  2. Budget – the most important piece is understanding what a reasonable price is to spend per item.
  3. Message – You want to be sure to send the right message with your gift. Is it “thank you”, “we appreciate you”, “we understand you”, etc.

Gifts are a more intimate aspect of marketing and it needs to be relative to your business and your brand. If you’re not sure what to order, but know your budget, we’re happy to walk you through a few options!

Now, the meat and potatoes. Here are some business gift ideas that will help give your clients, customers, and employees the best holiday season!

  • Memorable – the more memorable the gift, the better! If you’re encouraging the receiver to get creative, be more active, or insight into something they’re passionate about, you’re winning.
  • Useful – nothing more amazing than a gift you can actually USE. Everyday items are great for employees or a large amount of clients. Route 75 offers plenty of tote bags, water bottles, luggage accessories, and smaller apparel items that make sense.
  • Make it personal – personalized gifts are bound to hit home with whomever you’re giving it to. Engrave pens, personalize water bottles, or monogram blankets for those closest to you.

Now that we’ve told you the good stuff, here’s the bad stuff (aka: things to avoid giving):

  • Gift cards – as in any situation, gift cards can prove useful, but they are not memorable nor unique.
  • Logos on gifts – this can come off very impersonal and more marketing than a genuine gift.

Well, hopefully this blog helps you decide on what to get for gift giving this holiday season, but also whom your gift giving to! Be sure to call us before December 2 to place your order to receive it in time for the holidays. Talk to you soon!

At Route 75 Imprints, we know first-hand how important your brand it and how impactful it can be to keep your customers updated no matter what you’re up to – ownership change, rebranding, and more. We’re here to help you create custom apparel that matches your style, industry and meets high-quality expectations. We are grateful to be entrusted with creating quality apparel for our clients and do everything in our power to meet your needs. With three generations of knowledge and experience, we are happy to provide our customers with the service they need and deserve.

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